Modelling and Acting

People wishing to pursue careers in modelling have to be very careful about who they do business with. There are usually no registration requirements so anybody can set up a modelling agency or market themselves as an actor.


Things you should not do:

Don't be fooled by flattery

Don't consume alcohol, other drinks or drugs offered to you at an interview

Don't pay an excessive joining fee

Don't give personal details before you know about the agent or photographer

Don't go to out of the way locations or to interviews outside business hours

Don't enrol in expensive and unnecessary training courses

Don't sign any contracts or documentation until you get advice

Don't go to an interview alone

Things you should do

Be realistic

Use a reputable agency

Check out the claims an agent makes

Check what you will be paid for the work you do, and when

Get a business address, telephone number and the full name of the person you are dealing with

Keep copies of all written information you receive from agencies

If you are under 15 - a Child Employment Permit may be required

Consider joining the Models and Mannequins Guild


Modelling and Acting Fact Sheet (NEWLY UPDATED)


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